About Us

DietZone (DZ) is a rapidly growing India-based healthcare internet publishing company on a mission to give everyone latest health and medical news. We cover a wide range of evidence-backed medical news with an authentic content that matters most to physicians, healthcare professionals general population in India and abroad alike.

Be it expert perspectives, research, analysis, dietary recommendations, development of healthcare interventions, guidelines in healthcare as well as information on essential drugs and rare diseases and conditions, we are dedicated to keep you up to date on the latest developments in almost all verticals of health and medicine.

DietZone determines coverage based on high impact scientific evidence, relevance and clinical significance. The DZ editorial team tracks all the evidence-based, peer-reviewed studies, clinical research, lab tests, data from governmental organisations, medical institutions, informative content from distinguished professionals in health care sector, pharmaceutical and biotech companies to provide concise and accurate information on health, diet and lifestyle to the readers.

Our motto is to achieve coverage across all areas of human health and produce timely, original and reliable news content from respected, credible sources.


DietZone is launched in 2016 and based in Mohali, Punjab.

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