Do You Think Brain Games Make You Intelligent? Maybe Not

If you think brain games can make you smarter, then you may get disappointed after reading this study.

Many people think that the popular brain games can actually make them intelligent, but in reality, it might not be helpful, which means “no gain in brain games.”

The researchers at Florida State University in the US, have found no such evidence that shows brain games enhance the cognitive abilities.

A large number of people believe that brain games or brain training may help in protecting them from memory loss or cognitive disorders, said Professor Neil Charness.

“Our findings and previous studies confirm there’s very little evidence these types of games can improve your life in a meaningful way,” said Associate Professor Wally Boot.

The study concentrated on whether brain games can actually improve the “working memory” required for a various task.

While doing the study, researchers divided participant in two groups. They asked the first group to play a specifically designed brain-training video game known as “Mind Frontiers,” on the contrary, other group performed crossword games or number puzzles.

Players were given the lots of information they needed to juggle to crack problems.

The researchers examined whether the brain games improved players working memory and therefore enhanced other mental skills, including reasoning, processing speed and memory. They tested whether improving “working memory” would translate to improved performance on other tasks.

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According to the study published in the journal “Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience,” experts found no such evidence.

“It’s possible to train people to become very good at tasks that you would normally consider general working memory tasks: memorizing 70, 80, even 100 digits,” said Charness.

“But these skills tend to be very specific and not show a lot of transfer. The thing that seniors in particular should be concerned about is, if I can get very good at crossword puzzles, is that going to help me remember where my keys are? And the answer is probably no,” he added.

Experts recommended that people should start doing some aerobic exercise in order to improve cognitive function instead of sitting in front of the computer playing games.

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