Eating Fresh Fruits May Help To Eliminate Risk of Diabetes – Study

A new study suggests that eating fresh fruits on a daily basis may help to cut down the risk of diabetes by 12 percent. So from now on, include a bowl of fresh fruits in your diet plan to prevent the risk of developing diabetes.

The study reveals that patients with diabetes who eats fresh fruits for more than 3 days a week was linked with 17 percent lesser risk of dying.

Besides, it also helps in preventing the risk of growing diabetes-related health issue, which may affects large blood vessels (ischaemic heart disease and stroke) and small blood vessels (eye disease, kidney disease, and neuropathy) by 13-28 percent.

“Although the health benefits of diets including fresh fruit and vegetables are well established, the relatively high sugar content of fruit has led to uncertainty about associated risks of diabetes and of vascular complications of the disease,” said Huaidong Du, study author from the University of Oxford.

He further added that “this has led to frequent abstention from fruit consumption among individuals with diabetes in many parts of the world.”

The study evaluated nearly 500,000 people from China, which revealed that people eating fresh fruits daily had approximately 0.2 percent lower risk of diabetes over five years.

Furthermore, regular consumption of fresh fruits in patients with diabetes had lower the chances of microvascular and macrovascular complications and also led to the reduction in death risk of 1.9 percent at five years.

Making a habit of eating fresh fruits can be a great idea in order to cut down the risk of diabetes. Make sure you include this in your diet and enjoy a healthy life.

The study findings have been published in the journal PLOS Medicine.

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